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This website breaks down the industry, step by step and machine by machine making sure sheet metal coil processing makes sense to you !!!

Here you will find information on:

  • Metal scrap handling conveyors
  • Metal Coil handling systems  
  • Complete packaging lines
  • Slitting Lines (SL's)
  • Cut-to-Length Lines (CTL's)
  • Pickling Lines (PPPL and CPL's)
  • Tension leveling lines (TLL's)
  • Annealing Lines (AL)
  • Galvanizing Lines (GL and CGL's)
  • And much much more.....

The content of Strip Metal Coil Processing is derived from real world experience starting from the shop floor all the way to the design room.

Providing not just a technical approach to every process but also a practical approach. 

Where We Fit In

Metal working is such a big industry that creating a website focused around it would take a long time and a vast amount of resources.

So what did we do?

We focused on the last couple of steps, of the more than 100 step metal making process. Coil Processing Service Centers !!!

Viewed at times as a middleman and other times more like a miracle worker, today's metal service center stands on a threshold of opportunity that likely will change the way it does business.

Concepts of global economy, technological advances, and even old-fashioned customized service are replacing the fast-fading tenets of mass production and low-ball pricing.

"Steel service centers have become conveyors of production-ready material while remaining monitors of mill material to make the part and form the piece" Stated David R. Roland, former president and chief executive officer of the Steel Service Center Institute (SSCI).[1]

He continued: "Recently, I toured a manufacturing facility with scheduling that ran with razor-sharp precision.

Yet, the manager admitted that flawed or out-of-tolerance steel delivered by the service center would bring his operation to a screeching halt"[1]

Today's metal processing lines are made with extreme precision to guarantee perfect results.

Constantly increase the efficiency of sheet metal manufacturing to stay competitive in today's economy.

This website is here for you to make sure that you are running at your peak efficiency.

We will give you recommendations and tips to maximize your processing efficiencies and most of all reduce downtime.

This site is here for you and your strip metal coil processing needs. We are always looking for your input and are available to answer any and all question you may have. Just click here.

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Buy and Sell Machinery
This article is intended as a general guide for anyone evaluating machinery of any kind for purchase or even for sale. Evaluating machinery is part art and science.
Slitting Lines, Working with Sheet Metal Coils
Sheet metal coil slitting lines produce products that all of us use on a daily basis, whether we know it or not. Slitting lines explained right here
Slitting Machine and Coil Handling Equipment Installation Considerations
Slitting machines and coil handling equipment use space between various parts of the line as a critical factor in proper operation
Slitter Cutters and Semi Continuous Metal Slitting Machines Processing
Slitter cutters, slitting heads and semi-continuous metal slitting machines offer one of the most efficient forms of processing for metal fabrication firms.
Scrap Choppers
Tension Units
Packaging Lines
Packaging Lines can be either tied in directly to a slitting line, or be located remotely. Experience shows that remotely located lines tend to be more productive.
Loop Pits & Equipment
3 FREE Purchasing Tips for Slitting Lines
Here are 3 FREE tips for slitting lines that will make sure you save both money and time on your next slitting line purchase.
Coil Handling Tweeks Increase Efficiency
Coil handling equipment is fairly simple and low tech, and generally is purchased as part of an entire installation. As such they typically get little attention unless they fail to do the job.
Coil Handling Equipment Overview Part 1
Coil handling equipment is designed to transfer and manipulate metal coils that weigh anywhere from 2500 pounds to well over 60,000 pounds.
Coil Cars
Coil Deposits
Precision Rerolling of Strip Steel Products
Precision rerolling of strip steel products is becoming important across a host of industries.
Turnstiles are widely used in the coil processing industry. Starting from transporting coils from one machine to another, all the way to storing coils.
Horizontal Strip Accumulators in Strip Steel Processing Lines
A horizontal strip accumulator serves the purpose of feeding a strip to the mill when the front or entry is stationary during coil changeup
Transfer Cars
Walking Beams
Coil Banders
Steel Coil Handling Buying Tips
The purpose of this article is to expose you to the best coil handling buying tips for processing lines.
3 Tips for Improving Coil Handling and Slitting Machine Operating Efficiency
3 Tips for Improving Coil Handling and Slitting Machine Operating Efficiency
Standard Coil Processing Machines
Improve Surface Finish During Coil Production
In steel coil strip processing operations, improve surface finish of products in coil production can almost be tied directly to improving the profit margin in coil production.
5 Coil Processing Tips, to Improve Line Efficiency
These five coil processing tips address not only the optimal efficiency for reducing scrap, but also the more important, producing a profit by minimizing scrap, energy, and labor input.
How to Keep Cut to Length Lines Within Tolerances
Cut to Length (CTL) metal slitting operations have customers placing increasingly tight tolerance requirements upon them.
Equipment Buying Tips For Sheet Metal Processing
Some sheet metal equipment buying tips we have, can offer a processor a significant discount, on the order of 30% plus, compared to buying similarly equipped new equipment.
Tips for Blanking Lines and Cut to Length Lines
Cut to length or blanking lines for steel strip coil processing have seen increasingly tight tolerances imposed by the end product users. Here are my tips for blanking lines and CTL lines
Pickling Lines
Pickling lines process stations can run either with continuous sheets of metal or semi-continuous sheets for one coil at a time.
Tension Levelers - Keeping Them Running Smoothly
Tension levelers are one of several forms of shaping equipment that can be used on metal roll and coil slitting lines.
Bridle Roll Unit Summary
Steering Unit (strip center sensing system)
Steering units work at points throughout the line to bring the strip back to center on the line, preventing damage to the strip and the equipment if the strip wanders too far.
Quality Tips Tensioning Production Using Slit Coil lines
Steel coil slitting processing lines have reached a level where they operate with such high reliability, so her are quality tips tensioning production
Processing Lines
Comparing Types of Steel Coil Strip Processing Lines
There are virtually an unlimited number of things that a processor could do on a steel coil strip processing line.
Coil Processing Galvanizing Lines Explained - Part 1
Galvanizing line do provide atmospheric protection equal to higher cost processes such as mehanite coatings, chrome plating, or stainless steels, but it is sufficient for most outdoor applications.
Avoiding Common Coil Processing Problems
This intense process introduces many possibilities for challenges and issues in even the best run coil strip processing operation. Here is how to avoid these coil Processing Problems
Steel Strip Processing Line Advancements - The Latest News
Strip processing line advancements have been significant because technology today delivers faster production, lower energy use, and requires fewer technicians for consistent production
Tips Texturizing Metal in Coil Form
Tips texturizing metal are important because steel coil strip processing lines that offer texturizing services move their product up the value chain.
Steel Coil Operation, 5 Tips for a Trouble Free Process
The focus of this article is having a trouble-free steel coil operation, although this does not necessarily guarantee the highest production rate from your steel coil processing line.
Line Automation
Strip Press Feeding, Secrets to Maximizing Automatic Line Production
In order for this combination of both precision and tonnage to work correctly, the entire system of strip press feeding has to be capable of starting and stopping with a control mechanism.
Software for Slitting Lines
Along with the mechanical advantages taking place software for slitting lines has been a major driver for improving operation efficiency and product quality
Reducing Scrap Optimization Software For Coil Operations
Using reducing scrap optimization software you will minimize scrap, and maximizing the amount of billable production out of your inventory of material.
How Steel Coils Are Made
Wondering how steel coils are made, we have the step by step process right here starting from the ore all the way to the finished coil.
Metal Processing Glossary
Design Corner
This site shows various design standard and practices used in the insustry
Standards for Bolt Seating Torques
Common standards for bolt seating torques
Clearance Holes Charts
Design tables for metric and imperial bolt clearance holes

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