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How NOT to Buy New Machinery

It’s a scientific fact that most sharks have an incredibly keen sense of smell.

An experiment revealed that some sharks can detect a single drop of blood in a 2,000 gallon tank of water.

If you’re downstream, a shark may detect blood from up to a quarter mile away.

If you have to buy new or used equipment and you’ve never done it before, you might feel like you’re gushing blood and stuck in a swimming pool full of man eaters.

If you don’t have a lot of experience negotiating with suppliers, you could be in for some nasty surprises........

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The Magnificent Packaging Story

Safety is Majestic.

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Have you ever gotten stuck with a "lemon"?

I would like to ask you a question?

Have you ever gotten stuck with a "lemon"?

It's a rotten feeling. What appears to be a terrific deal can end up being a complete nightmare.

The guys who buy and sell cars for a living get really good at spotting signs of a "lemon." They have a mental checklist they go through when looking at cars on the auction lot. ....

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Used Machinery Buying Guide

This article is intended as a general guide for anyone evaluating machinery of any kind for purchase or even for sale.

Evaluating machinery is part art and science.

The art involves determining if the good news outweighs the bad news both in terms of the capability of the machinery and the cost for bringing it to operating standards.....

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Coil Handling Equipment Overview Part 2

Coil handling equipment includes not only the bulk handling of finished coils but also the processing of the finished coils.

Part one explained the steps and the equipment required for moving coils off of tractor-trailers and rail cars into a coil handling/processing facility......

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Top 3 FREE Tips

to increase efficiency

  1. Use appropriate technology and by-pass manual labor where possible for the roll and coil changeovers.
  2. Coil cars can also cut transition and changeovers.
  3. Consider material handling elements such as coil storage racks if there is not a crane installed for keeping a coil car active.
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