Complete Packaging Lines

Decrease downtime for your processing line, make more efficient complete packaging lines to save those precious seconds, minutes which in a year can add up to $400,000 or more!!!

What you want to focus on is a cost effective and PROFITABLE coil packaging line and equipment.


Good question, you make money by processing your product and then shipping to your desired customer right?

The less time it takes you to complete this transaction the more time you have to produce the product!!!

This section will outline the various automatic, manual, semi-automatic and semi-continuous packaging lines.

Save money by saving time!!!

Wait!!...What is a packaging line?

The basic function of this system is to strap coils individually to prevent clock-springing or unwinding of skids.

These lines are also used to weigh and tag the skids, preparing them for shipping so they can turn into PROFIT.

To insure the highest quality and secure delivery of the coils, the delicate materials are: wrapped in paper, boxed, or even enclosed with a metal shield. 

When should this consideration be made?

It is recommended that when copper, brass, painted metals, silicon, canning stock are being used this method be applied.

In addition to make sure 100% of your product gets to the customer safely and with reduced repair costs, always wrap your oversea shipments.

Things to consider with packaging lines

Coil Shipping

Are the coils going to be shipped eye horizontally or eye vertically? This is normally based upon the slit coil width.

Remember during transportation you want little or no damage coming to the coil.

Do not however exclude that the customer may have specific instruction during shipping, so that they can process the slits easier once they arrive to their facility.

Time Time and Time!!!

In this industry time is king, therefore if you have something slowing you down you will sink and fast.

An efficient system will ensure quick strapping and handling while not sacrificing the safety of the workers present.

In the end no one likes to work in an unsafe environment.

Make it EFFICIENT!...... Money Makers

  • Slit coil Production ( ie. number of coils per shift )
  • Type of Material
  • Coil Weight
  • Coil Size
  • Type of Skidding Required 

This is what brings this entire line together and drives your production. Figure the cost and time of the lines.

This information will enable professional companies such as PREKO Consulting Inc. to increase your efficiency. 

These areas will be your bread and butter to work with, so once you know them then individual modification will be able to be made and boom .....

your are SAVING MONEY!!!!

Relation to Coil Process

Packaging equipment can be either tied in directly to a slitting line, or be located remotely.

Forcing the packaging line into place just so it is directly connected to the slitting line is not a smart move.

Expansion becomes harder and room for improvement is much smaller.

Experience shows that REMOTELY LOCATED LINES tend to be more productive, especially where the equipment can use more than one slitter. 

Let us examine the various components that are used in coil packaging systems

Basic Line Components

Coil Car and Circumferential Strapping

The usage of coil cars wherever possible reduces the tendency of interleaving of slit coils, which is causes by the push-off action of the recoiling stripper.

Introducing banding slots on the coil car platform allows for the banding of coils offline.

Best way to reduce downtime .... have something done while it waits to get processed...


There are those couple seconds, minutes back in your pocket

More about Coil Cars


Turnstiles are available in a classic 1, 2, 3, 4 arm configuration.

However the recommendation is a 3 or 4 arm configuration for maximum efficiency and decreased downtime.

These can be both automatically or manually operated however the manually operated turnstiles have a maximum of 20,000 lbs capacity.

When possible a turnstile arm should feature a 'C' hook slot so that coils over 18" can be removed before being downended.

This insures that the product does not become damaged and a smoother packaging line is developed ready for any challenges.

More about Turnstiles


Downenders are available with conveyor direction in same line as turnstile arm or at 90° from turnstile axis.

This is used to secure and transport the coils from the turnstile to the conveyor belt insuring no product damage.

Downenders can be manual, semi-automatic, or automatic. Depending on the desired operator involvement and resources available.

This is best determined by companies that specialize in increasing efficiency of these lines such as PREKO Consulting.

More about Downenders

Run-In Or Storage Conveyors

This process has three main functions

  1. Provide storage for slit coils prior to banding

        NOTE: This is not as effective as storing coils in the vertical position

  1. Transfer coils from downender to a packaging line remote from the downender.

        NOTE: It is preferable to move coils from the slitter in a vertical position
        ("C" hook) to a turnstile if the packaging line is to have a remote location.

  1. Provide a change in line direction

        NOTE: It is preferable to change line direction by the operations of a
        downender orientation but, where required, curved conveyor sections can
        be provided

There are gravity conveyors used, however to insure full control and maximum safety it is recommended to use powered rollers

More about Run-In conveyors

Strapping or Banding Tables

Tables incorporate powered roller conveyors to accept and discharged coils from the strapping position.

Cleanliness of the strapping head is of high importance because it minimizes the need for maintenance. Less maintenance, less downtime, less unscheduled obstacles, more PROFIT

To increase efficiency three headed machines have been used to eliminate the rotation downtime ... Boom more minutes and seconds in your pocket.

More about Banding Tables

Coil Stacker

The range of stacker is very big, so it ultimately comes down to which one has the most efficient application for a given business.

  1. Internal Coil Grab

            This is the least sophisticated method of coil stacking as it involves the
            use of a jib crane and hoist supporting a mechanical I.D grab. This is
            manually operated and expanded by a hand lever.

  1. Magnet Type

            This type of stacker is best used when there is a known range of weight
            and that range is close together. Constant reprograming is necessary
            with a weight change therefor downtime is created and operator
            involvement need to be constant and precise.

  1.  Fork Type Stacker

            This stacker head is comprised of a pair of hardened steel forks mounted
            on a traveling carriage within the frame of the stacker roller conveyor.
            Depending on the weight and diameter of the material being processed
            the length and thickness of the forks will change.  

  1.  External Coil Grab

            These models have a conveyor section which will accept coils from the
            strapping table and position them for pick up.
            A special feature which allows for the piling of narrow coils within the
            maximum width capacity has the ability to increase efficiency by
            15 seconds ……. BOOM time in your pocket

More about Coil Stackers


Order Sorting

Normally the slitting lines can be satisfied by a 4 position order sorting section.

The best to use are; shuttle cars, conveyor systems or 'Lazy Susan' turntables.

However if the packaging line is required to serve more than one slitter, a 6 or 8 position turntable is required.

NOTE: The prices of skids have been significantly rising due to the increase in the price of lumber.

Traditionally the customer was the one to determine the type of skid and size.

The processing company should have an input on this as it increases their expenses.

All that is required when it comes to coils, is skids with 2 runners for big coils, and 3 runners for smaller coils.....


More about Order Sorting

Skid Banding Table

The skid banding table consists of a rotating section with powered rolling conveyors.

The skid banding table INCREASE Efficiency by Decreasing Downtime since all of the operations remain in the same position.

The ability for this table to rotate makes it perfect to apply the necessary protective paper for delicate coils, long term storage and oversea shipments.

The recommendation is to position the skid banding table before the scale to ensure some return on strapping cost......


More about Skid Banding Tables

Scale Conveyor

This unit in addition to having a coil tagging system is comprises of a section powered by roller conveyors mounted over a scale.

This scale can be either mechanical or electronic.

This depends on the facility in use and the access to technology, some places would increase their efficiency through mechanical units for example.

The electronic scale is more practical as it can automatically line up to your inventory system record the coil and allow the customer to track it if they so desire.

Recommended to work closely with the equipment or scale manufacturer in selecting tag compatibility with the printing head being used.

They are the specialists no one will tell you better than the manufacturer.

More about Scale Conveyors

Run-Out or Storage Conveyor

After the process is completed the coils need to be stored before they are released to the shipping company.

That is when this unit comes in.

Powered conveyor sections provide storage for skidded coils after weighting and prior to removal.

These are activated by sensing rollers or by pushbuttons, depending on the availability of labour at the manufacturing facility.

More about Run-out Conveyors

Coil Tipper

This unit is mounted at the exit of the storage conveyor and is used to tip the skidded coils 90 ° for shipping coils eye horizontal (standing up).

If the coils are to be shipped without skids then the wooden runners used to transport these coils can be removed at this point.

Recycling the skids is not only environmentally friendly but it saves you the cost of buying more skids.....


More about Coil Tippers

Shipping and Storage Area

It is recommended that there is sufficient storage space provided for each coil to be stored for 2 days or 6 shifts. 

In order to maximize storing capacity stack the skids on top of each other.

This provides easy access to coil tags.

Production Output

Now let us give you a rough outline as far as the labour input goes in these various processes.

When coils are completely strapped on a turnstile and removed by a 'C' hook and jib crane for placement onto skids, two men will handle one slit coil every 3 minutes.

This is for a Manually operated line.

When coils are downended, banded semi-automatically and stacked with manual grab and jib cranes, two men will handle one slit coil every 1.5 min.

When a completely automated packaging line is installed and used with automatic stacker, order sorting, skid banding and weight facilities, two three men will handle 350 - 500 coils per shift.

The output is greatly depended on labor requirements of the line, the equipment purchased in addition to the layout of the workspace.


This has been a brief overview of the entire packaging line.

If you would like to learn more about the individual processes and machines click on the read more links provided in every paragraph.

To return from this Packaging Lines page to the Strip Metal Coil Processing Home page, click here.

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