How Steel Coils Are Made

Wondering how steel coils are made?

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What do a fork, a phone, a car, and a plane have in common? They all use metals to preform their task.

Steel is the most commonly used metal in today's market. Whether it would be in the form of stainless steel, carbon steel, high strength or high temperature steel, it is used everywhere.

The possibilities of steel are endless due to the vast alloying of steel, to create specific mechanical properties.

Understanding the origins of steel is important if you are or plan on being in the coil processing industry. Below you will find resources that will help you understand the process.

Here is a video from USS Steel that shows the story of steel making starting from the initial rock ore exploitation to steel slitting lines all the way to shipping processed coils.

To get a better feeling and understand for the process we have provided a link below to and interactive module for steel making.

This image was taken from the interactive flash application of ""

Click here for an interactive approach to steel making

Keep in mind when it comes to coil metal processing it is not restricted to steel. You have unlimited metal options such as; aluminum slitting, copper slitting, nickle slitting and many more. The majority of these metals are alloyed with other metals to increase various mechanical properties.


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